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Cute boy, cute squirrel, today was great. (:

Don’t eat before you leave?

Jimmy John’s. <3

I really do love you. Today was wonderful. (:

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Today was really nice. He gave me a bracelet that he won at Dave and Buster’s for me. He’s super nice and sweet and cute and caring and loving and fun like always. We had to keep moving to keep in the sun because shade + wind = nono. He gives the absolute sweetest kisses, without a doubt. He brought Monster and m&m cookies and Cool Ranch Doritos and I brought peanut butter sandwiches and Scooby Doo gummy snacks and Guarana and we ate by the water. (: We listened to my radio-bag and he sand to me and we wiggled together from time to time but we kinda broke it just a little bit… He put up with my constant want for affection, as always. We fed crust to tiny fishies. He’s so yummy. I’m selfish. We laid in the cement and the grass a couple times, and it was nice. (: I love being cuddled up to him. He made me talk to him about my meh-ness instead of just letting me be silent. I really appreciate that. We laid down to get away from the wind and the sky was so blue and he made me talk to him about it. Then he kept quacking at the ducks >.< He tickled me. Armpits and knees. Ahhhhh. Call from my grandma really got to me.. but he made that better, too. He had me talk about that, too. “You’re never like this.” He let me talk. Whenever I explain myself when I’m upset, I speak in fragments with long pauses between sentences. He rationalized in my favor. Wrapped his arms around me. All sweet. What I needed.

Good day, good day.

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He doesn’t like posing for my pictures.

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This afternoon.

I bike rode to Downey Park, and it took me only thirty minutes, which is really badass because the last time it took me an hour.

I was all decked out in Magic swag to play some ball, you know.

When I got their we ate the sandwiches that I made.

And then we played some ball! Ahhh! So much fun!! I love it. because. he loves it. and I can tell that he really enjoys it, and that makes me happy. (: I have fun with it, too. I can make some shots. My favorite is when I try to get the ball from him. I dunno. It’s just always such a good time. We laugh and joke and play ball. It’s really fun. He’s really fun.

After we just chilled by the lake. Took our socks and shoes off. Played tic tac toe in the sand. It was a tie. (: I liked walking with him by the water. It was really nice. I love the sunlight on his. And his face. <3 We sat down on the ledge thing and he had his arm around me and the kisses. <3 I love him. So. Much. Being in his arms is just so amazing. I just wanted to bury my face in his chest and never let go.

Buuut. It started getting all damn gloomy outside. So we had to part ways. :/ He kept making fun of the bike helmet I was wearing to please my mother. He wrapped my electronics in his other shirt to give to me because he was convinced that it was going to rain. I have it now. It smells like him. <33

The good bye kiss. I dunno why, but I think I was just expecting a peck. Probably because we were kinda in rush. But no. <3 Omg. His kisses just scramble me. And this one. I dunno. Just. <3

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