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Laughed, real hard.

I’m giving these to someone this year

Okay, these are kind of adorable.

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Shot Glass Card

Someone must buy me this for my 21st


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Guys, I finally finished them… NERDFIGHTER VALENTINES! :D This project has been more fun and time-consuming than I had imagined it would be. I actually started working on these before I made the Swoodilypooper ones, but I still managed to finish the Swoodilypooper ones first. But I am so happy with these!

A special thanks to finallyarrived, who submitted the phrase for the TFiOS Valentine!

Very fond of, “We go together like Pringles and Picasso.”

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“pokemon” valentines 3.

1 and 2.

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I would actually throw myself onto the ground and cry


I would actually throw myself onto the ground and cry

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Seriously. Someone buy me it.

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I made the card just because, before he got hurt. Now instead of randomly cheering him up from life, he’ll be randomly cheered up from pain.

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This was a card at Target.

I laughed for fucking ever.

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Welcome to Casa de Alex

I like to be called Alex. I have a strong Portuguese heritage. I'm nineteen and still trying to find my place in the world. I'm working on giving more structure to my life. I've fallen in love with the nature of words. Music is a distraction from life. I thoroughly enjoy surrounding myself with positive people. When I love, I love hard. I believe in God. (:

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