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On the morning of my ap exam.

Me: Wish me luck, maybe?
Him: No.
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Inside the Actors Studio with Glee

Interviewer: What do you want to hear God say when you get to the pearly gates?
Chris Colfer: Don't listen to them, you can come in too.
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Him: No you stop it. Ask me back out.
Me: Boy, me thinks you is fine. Will you be my man?
Him: Noooooo. Too... Islandy.Do it how you would as if we had just first met.
Me: Excuse me, but I just wanted to let you know that you're really attractive. What's your name?
Him: :) adrian. Yours?
Me: Alexandra. But everyone calls me Alex!! Adrian. That's a lovely name.
Him: Why thanks :) You have a nice name too.
Me: Thank you. (: So I was wondering... if... uh.. maybe...
Him: Yeah?
Me: I was wondering if maybe you'd like to text me a whole lot, talk into the late hours of the night with me, go to the park with me, play basketball occasionally with me, make me laugh, have fun with me, hold my hand, kiss me, kiss me more, give me butterflies, be my boyfriend, and fall in love with me?
Him: No thanks. I'm good. But thanks for the offer! I'm sure you'll make somebody really happy.
Me: Oh, come oooooon. I make great sandwiches!
Him: You do?
Me: I do. Aaaand I'll give you all the kool aid you want.
Him: Will you marry me?????
Me: Will you be my boyfriend?????
Him: YES!!!
Me: :D!!! SUCCESS!!
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Him: Damn...
Me: ´╗┐Teehee~ you think my pouty face is cute~
Him: ´╗┐No! Effective. Super effective.
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Me: I bet the two people who do the garbage truck are good friends.
Him: Not at first. But they become good friends over time. Like a new sit com... That's what i think.
Me: Haha, me too! And I bet they make fun of each other a lot. They're those kinds of friends.
Him: Yeah!
Me: (: yeah.
Him: We have a lot in common. Wanna do the dirty nasty?
Me: Mmmm mmm mm. You ready my mind.
Him: :D
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Me: Nothing I can do?
Him: Do you have magical healing powers?
Me: If I was a water bender..
Him: Water benders are sexy.
Me: I could wear my hair in hair loopies and pretend I have magical healing abilities.
Him: Could you?
Me: Yupyupyup.
Him: You should.
Me: You want me to?
Him: Yes. I wanna see that.
Me: Hahaha. Then I'll do that.
Him: Okay :D
Me: Yeah. (: I'm pretty enough. Graceful enough? Ehhh.
Him: Baby you plenty graceful.
Me: I'm awkward.
Him: Graceful.
Me: Awkward!
Him: Graceful.
Me: (: Perfect.
Him: Perfect. (:
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Me: I'm really cold.
Him: GRAB A BLANKET!!!!! I dunno how many times i've told you this!! Asdfghjkl;
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Me: I'm in love with that ass ass ass ass ass ass ass <3
Him: I love all of you.
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Me: My nose is freezing.
Him: I'd love to kiss it and make it better.
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Me: Fucking bus driver doesn't know how to get to school. What is this.
Him: Have him bring you here?
Me: Oh? Why's that?
Him: Then we can.skip?
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Him: I was so busy today.
Me: Not me. No life.
Him: School life.
Me: Fuck school. I'm sick of it. I spent most of my day watching slasher movies alone.
Him: Then how'd you finish your work
Me: By being the most successful slacker in the world.
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Me: Scary movie + alex + cold house + alone = ):
Him: Change the movie and imma buy you a snuggy.
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Me: Buy me The Incredibles and let's make love to it.
Him: That's gotta be the weirdest thing i've heard you say.
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me: University's better than Colonial.
him: Lock message. Why do you say that, lovely?
me: Hahahahahaha. Because ya'll are an A school. We're just a B school.
him: Another one locked. You aren't the d school title you deserve anymore?
me: -_- we were a B school last year, too.
him: Yeah, whatever. B. D. What's the difference. You're not an A school.
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him: yo momma.
me: Gave birth to one hell of a sexy chick.
him: Damn right she did.
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