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Female characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra

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Will Smith created everything


The Cat Daddy:

The Shuffle:

The Single Ladies Dance:

The Stanky Leg:

The Cyclone:

The Dougie:


By far the greatest post to ever surface on Tumblr.

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<3 Heehee.


<3 Heehee.

#gif #cute #omg

This is a gif of me winking

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This is missing Beast Boy.

This is missing Beast Boy.

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Everytime he says sweet stuff like that, my natural reaction is


but then I remember that we’re having a conversation so I have to hurry up and think of a witty comeback which probably leaves me looking like…

and then sometimes, if I’m lucky,  I actually think of something…

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Yeah, they jelly.~

Yeah, they jelly.~

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Timone always laughs at all of his own jokes.

*So do I.

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