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me halfway through anything: i dont want to do this anymore

except for you— i’ll always want to do you ;)

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almost all of my friends and family’s birthdays are in september (mine, too).

people need to stop getting knocked up on christmas or new years because september babies are way too over populated

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today at work a young hispanic man was having trouble with the bottle machine he was using so i stayed outside with him to help unjam it and help with the bottles and when he was done a bunch of gangsters showed up who knew him apparently and he shook my hand and they were all like ”eeyy you alright man you alright. you ever need anyting you let us know aint nobody gun fuck wit you” and then they taught me this intricate handshake and thats how i accidentally joined a mexican gang

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i’ve got the alcohol covered

i’ll bring some soda

ill bring the drugs


i got the pot..

I’ll be taping the whole thing

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Tumblr: The Musical with Hank Green!!!!!!

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Noah’s Dex

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when you download an album and it comes with the correct album art and all of the song names capitalized and in the right order

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Swimming Tetris

The makers of the Retro Gaming Leggings bring us a fun swimsuit that will let you swim and tan with your favorite blocks. This suit is a must-have for a true, hard-core retro gamer. Cheers to a summer filled with poolside pixels. 

Retro Gamer Swimsuit by Black Milk Clothing

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I love this. A lot.

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I’m always the man.

I do the black woman’s voice so well, tho.

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